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PULR Technologies Inc.

Helipuller™ FTTP Kit

Helipuller™ FTTP Kit

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Helipuller™ FTTP fiber-to-the-premises Faster Than a Tape Pull (get it?) to get a 4.8 mm or 3 mm pre-terminated SC/APC patch cable from the nid outdoor through the outside wall and all the way to the ONT location inside the premises.

The #8-32 threaded end makes the Helipulller™ compatible with Jonard Tools®, CreepZits, Klein® and Eagle Tools®  sticks.

The kit includes both a Helipuller Rugged for a half-inch hole as well as a Helipuller™ Slim for a 10 mm hole or conduit.

The slim requires popping the SC outer body by pushing hard against it, dust cap down against a table. If the dust cap crushes, replace it with a harder dust cap.

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